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Civil Litigation

If you’ve been served with a Summons and Complaint or an Order to Show Cause, you know you have a problem, and you should know that the clock is ticking. Your time to respond is limited, and you’re probably feeling a lot of pressure. After all, no one likes to be sued. So, what do you do?

With one phone call to us you can start the process of resolving your legal problems. First, we’ll discuss your options and your goals in solving the problem. Then, we’ll immediately draft an answer to whatever papers you’ve been handed, and make sure your rights are protected as the legal process begins.

We’ll discuss whether it’s prudent for you to attempt to negotiate a settlement (which can often be a cost effective way of resolving a legal claim) or whether it’s important to fight the case all the way through trial.

No matter what type of claim is being brought against you, we can help. We’ve defended individuals and corporations against everything from alleged libel by internet to breaches of contract and fiduciary duties.

In defending a lawsuit, it is always important to control costs. We work with you to provide a cost effective defense, with an emphasis on “effective.”

We also will help you in certain types of actions where you are the plaintiff. Call us for more information.

You can always contact Browde Law, P.C. directly here – an initial telephone consultation about your case is free.

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