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Media law

The problems of libel and slander have become far more complex as the online world has expanded. But whether online or in traditional media, the issues related to defamation require both an understanding of the law and of your opponent’s situation. The fundamental principle in defamation is this: to recover for libel, the statement must be about you, both false and defamatory, meaning that it actually causes harm to the reputation of the other person, as opposed to being merely insulting or offensive. But simply because a statement meets those standards does not automatically mean the person who made the statement in question will lose the case.

Whether you’re accused of defamation or are the victim of a defamatory statement, you need qualified representation, someone who understands the defenses and the very tight and inflexible deadlines that can prove a bar to recovery. Contact us for more information.

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Of course, there’s a lot more to media law and the internet than just defamation, and the law has had to evolve to try to keep up. This firm brought one of the early actions against cybersquatters, who set up an unauthorized web site using the name of our client. We moved in the U.S. District Court in Maryland, and won the maximum in statutory damages against the cybersquatters, and, more importantly obtained a court order requiring the domain registrar to transfer the domain from the infringers to our client.

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