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Fact and Fiction about Divorce During the Corona Virus Pandemic

Tabloid newspaper reports note that the pressures created by couples staying home are leading to increased inquiries about divorce – and that’s correct. It’s a phenomenon we also observed in the post 9/11 period.

But what’s inaccurate is that the reports say you can’t file for divorce right now. Except in the City of New York, where all filings are still done on paper, in person in a courthouse, the filing process is still available – and, if you’ve decided that you want a divorce, for many there are distinct advantages to doing the filing sooner rather than later.

Contact Kristen for a full discussion of your options and whether filing now would be advantageous or not. We’re open despite the virus, and though we are not conducting in person meetings we have secure videoconferencing available and can handle legal needs through this difficult period.

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Call Kristen Browde: 914 266-9222