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Family law

There’s no question but that Family Court and Divorce Court cases are among the most difficult. The goal of this practice is to help our clients navigate these often heartwrenching matters, and, at the same time prevent them from becoming as draining financially as they can be emotionally.

Custody, child support, visitation, enforcement actions and issues that arise from Orders of Protection – all can produce the most challenging interactions between former partners. We strive to produce the best result by working closely with clients, sorting through the “I wants” and the “must haves” – negotiating where possible and litigating where we must.

Whether you have just been served with papers by a former partner or whether you need advice or help with a case that you need to file, feel free to call. If we can’t answer your call personally at the time you call, We strive to return all calls within two hours.

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Call Kristen Browde: 914 266-9222