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Welcome to Browde Law, P.C., a New York law firm, providing personal legal representation in the field of Matrimonial Law.

Going through a divorce or dealing with marital or family law issues of any kind is almost always emotionally difficult. Dealing with the legal system shouldn’t make things worse, even if your soon-to-be-ex isn’t cooperative.

There’s no question but that Family Court and Divorce Court cases are among the most painful for all involved. My goal is to help you navigate these often heartwrenching matters, and, at the same time prevent them from becoming as draining financially as they can be emotionally.

Custody, child support, visitation, enforcement actions and issues that arise from Orders of Protection – all can produce the most challenging interactions between former partners. We strive to produce the best result by working closely with clients, sorting through the “I wants” and the “must haves” – negotiating where possible and litigating where we must.

Whether you have just been served with papers by a former partner or whether you need advice or help with a case that you need to file, feel free to call.


In the days before 2010 it was sometimes difficult to get a divorce in New York – but that is now distant history. It’s now only necessary to show that a marriage has broken down irretrievably for a period of six months – and the proof required is only that one party sign an affidavit making that claim. The list of grounds for cases prior to October 12, 2010 – from Section 170 of the Domestic Relations Law – is here.

But while the 2010 New York divorce law makes it easier to get a divorce in some ways, it also added to the complexity, and that complexity increased with the 2015 amendments to the law. The current law includes a new presumption of child support and temporary spousal support (what used to be called alimony). There are automatic restrictions on transfers of assets – cleaning out the accounts or transferring property is not permitted after a divorce case is commenced. Helping you to protect your rights and helping you deal with your responsibilities is our goal. By offering creative solutions to difficult problems, we try to minimize the pain, both to your emotions and your finances. It’s never easy, but we can help. The first step is to contact us, either by e-mail or phone (914-266-9222).

Clients considering divorce or separation in the towns of Chappaqua, Bedford, Bedford Hills, Scarsdale, Rye, Katonah, Pound Ridge, Briarcliff, Larchmont, Armonk, Harrison, and as far away as Bronxville will find it easy to visit us in Chappaqua, or we can arrange a consultation at your location, including any location in New York City.


We’ve seen some ridiculous claims of services that say they’ll do $149 divorces or some that claim they’ll get you a $399 divorce. Why is that ridiculous? Because the New York State Court system charges fees that start at about $365 to process a divorce case. So if anyone’s telling you that they’ll do your divorce for a price that sounds too low to be true, you know they’re not telling the truth!

Also – please be aware that under New York state law, divorces may not be handled on a contingent fee basis. And while uncontested divorces can be handled relatively quickly and for relatively predictable and low fees, it isn’t possible to predict how much a contested divorce will cost – too much depends upon the other party, and how much they insist on fighting over matters that could otherwise be settled. But one of the things you should know about the new divorce law changes is that if one spouse controls all the money the other now will have a much easier time getting his or her legal fees paid, and issues of maintenance are being expedited in order to prevent the spouse with money from being able to impoverish the other by litigating a case beyond all reason. But rest assured that we are very sensitive to the fact that you’re already going to be spending a lot of money to establish a second residence, and we do everything possible to hold down the costs. Contact us to discuss your situation in confidence.

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Since marriage equality has become the law of the land members of the LGBT population have discovered that, along with marriage equality, issues of divorce equality are important. And it would be hard to question our familiarity with LGBT issues; among other things, even before same sex marriages were legal in New York, long before marriage equality this firm did the first same sex divorce to work its way through the New York court system.

Bottom line: being a member of a gender or sexual preference minority is not and should not be an issue in a divorce or custody case. We have an unwavering commitment to protecting the rights of anyone in the LGBT community.

If this is a subject of interest or concern to you, please feel free to get in touch here

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