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Lockdowns, COVID-19 and the Holidays, a recipe for Domestic Violence and Divorce

After months of lockdowns and people working from home, one thing on which police departments, prosecutors and divorce lawyers agree entirely is that the pressures of this truly difficult year have built up to the point that any cracks in a marriage have been forced wide open. For some, unfortunately, that’s led to violence – and the spike in domestic violence cases is undeniable.

But whether or not there’s physical violence, the emotional challenges of facing divorce in this uncertain time have led to sharply increased numbers of calls, and even more questions about your rights in a divorce – and whether the courts are still functioning.

The answer to the last question is simple: yes, throughout New York State our judges and court staff are continuing to work through this pandemic. And yes, our firm is continuing to help clients safely navigate these challenges, though all of us are working in new ways.

Almost all court appearances, like almost all our meetings with clients, are being done via videoconference. Trials are about the only mandatory in person appearances, though in some cases conferences are being held in person, if one of the parties to a case does not have an attorney.

But we’re getting it done. And if you need help, we’re here to provide just that. Call now or use the contact form on this page – and we’ll make sure your questions are answered and your problems resolved as quickly as possible.

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