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Statement on Events in Charlottesville, NC

There are many times when, in our nation’s continuing conversations, we confront issues with “many, many sides.” This is not one of them.

When racism rises, when Naziism rises, there are only two sides.

There is right and there is wrong.

And it is, at moments like this one, a responsibility of those who lead and those who would lead to call out that which is wrong.

As a candidate for local office my primary focus is on issues like speeding through residential neighborhoods and how to revitalize our town without losing its special character.

But as leaders and would-be leaders, we must not be silent in the face of evil.

And we should not and I will not countenance those who see this moment, or who, by their silence, tacitly agree that this moment is one with “many, many sides.”

That is the kind of message that, along with legitimizing labels like “alt-right,” grants permission to the racists and Nazis who wrought their carnage in Charlottesville.

That is the kind of message that encourages the forces that led to my father and his mother fleeing Berlin in 1938, becoming refugees from an unleashed mob, chanting in ways not dissimilar to the chants of the torch bearing mob in Charlottesville.

Many of us grew up with our parents saying, “Never again.”

It is time for us to call to mind that message. There is nothing legitimate about the sentiments or actions of the group that carried their torches to Charlotteville.

And it is up to every political leader – and to each of us as individuals – to speak with one voice, to denounce those who would spread such a message.

Kristen Browde

Democratic/Working Familes/Women’s Equality Party Candidate

for Town Supervisor, New Castle, New York

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